Free Training Opportunities
YCCC劳动力部的使命是通过劳动力发展培训重新构想教育体验,使其更好地为每个人服务. 我们致力于与我们的社区合作,与我们的学生步调一致,设计出最相关的课程, 灵活的, and life-enhancing experience possible. We aim to be a game-changer for our students, an economic driver for the companies we serve, and a growth engine for our community. 最终, 当我们的学生成功时,我们就成功了,因为他们拥有必要的生活技能,可以提高他们的生活质量,并为我们社区的活力做出贡献.
YCCC FREE training programs are generously funded through a 哈罗德·阿方德·格兰特 Maine Jobs and Recovery Plan to provide customized workforce training grants to Maine residents, with delivery through YCCC and Maine’s other community colleges.

YCCC is currently accepting applications for:

Front-of-House Workshop – Now Accepting Applications

前台工作坊是一个综合性的项目,旨在让酒店和餐厅的新员工掌握相关技能, 知识, and mindset needed to excel in the hospitality industry. 本课程旨在提升您为客人创造难忘体验和提供卓越服务的能力. 点击这里

新库克训练营 – Now Accepting Applications

新厨师训练营是一个为期4天的加速培训,将让你为快节奏的职业生涯做好准备,成为一名流水线厨师. 培训包括ServSafe食品处理员认证,以及你开始职业生涯时需要的基本技能概述. 了解厨房设备操作和厨房活动的基本安全知识. Students will learn to: identify and execute the basic precision cuts; make a stock; prep vegetables for service; make a French omelet and other egg dishes; prepare the mother
sauces and variants; execute the basic cooking methods: Sauté, 烧烤, 烤, 挖走, Braise/Stew; underst和 liaison method of thickening; and underst和 basics and have limited hands-on experience in prepping proteins: Beef, 猪肉和羊肉, 家禽, 海鲜. 点击这里

Remote Work Essentials for 专业s – Now Accepting Applications

专业人员远程工作要点培训为学习者提供了有效的工具, 健康的, and productive remote and hybrid employees. 这个完全在线的课程是自定进度的,大约需要10个小时才能完成. It covers the essential tools to maintain health and wellness, assess your readiness for remote employment, 沟通, teamwork and using remote tools such as video conferencing, Sharepoint, 松弛, and other 沟通 tools. Learners will receive a digital badge upon successful completion..单击FMI

ServSafe Manager Certification – Now Accepting Applications

这个全部费用的培训为学生参加管理人员的ServSafe认证考试做准备. 前ics covered include: The Importance of Food 安全, Good Personal Hygiene, Time and Temperature Control, Preventing Cross-Contamination, Cleaning and Sanitizing, Safe Food Preparation, Receiving and Storing Food, 解冻方法, 烹饪, Cooling and Reheating Food, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), Food 安全 Regulations, 和更多的. The course culminates with the national certification exam.点击这里


acl & 朋友的培训

该培训将提供儿科高级生命支持和/或高级心脏生命支持的认证. Students may register for either training or both trainings. 点击这里

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician

这个培训项目是与南缅因社区学院合作提供的,旨在让学生, 通过讲座, 实验室, and clinical experiences, 的知识, 以及为进入紧急医疗系统的患者提供先进的紧急医疗护理和运输所需的技能. 点击这里


In partnership with Northern Maine Community College, 生肖买马网站将提供商业驾驶a级执照的培训. 商业驾驶学院是缅因州有执照的拖拉机拖车驾驶学校. This course is designed to train you to become a professional truck driver. 您将学习如何成为一名负责任的司机,以及如何安全有效地驾驶拖拉机和拖车. The training culminates in the State of Maine certification test.点击这里

CNC Machining Academy

这个全部费用支付14周的加速计划将为您提供进入高需求职业所需的技能,作为CNC机床操作员。CNC加工学院分为两个模块,包括:机械车间基础知识, 阅读蓝图, and Principles of CNC. 成功完成课程的学生将获得OSHA 10认证, HAAS Mill and Lathe Certification, and receive nine college credits upon matriculation to YCCC. 点击这里


This all-expense paid, 为期10周的速成课程将为您提供进入高要求职业——牙科助理所需的技能. 点击这里

Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary

扩展功能牙科辅助培训计划准备认证牙科助理或注册牙科保健师,通过在缅因州法规规定的全方位可逆程序中胜任和自信,在直接监督下,成为他们办公室中更有价值的团队成员. 点击这里

Emergency Medical Technician

紧急医疗技术员(EMT)课程为学生进入紧急医疗服务(EMS)领域做好准备。. The EMT course is a necessity for personnel that wishes to work on an ambulance, but also benefits firefighters, 警察, industrial safety personnel, and other healthcare professions. EMT课程为学生提供了为心脏骤停患者提供基本生命支持(BLS)的知识, experiencing medical emergencies, and those with traumatic injuries. Upon successful course completion, 学生有资格参加国家注册EMT认证考试.点击这里

Medical Assistant Apprenticeship

This all-expense paid, 9-month accelerated program will provide you with paid, 在职培训和掌握在YCCC课堂上学到的医疗辅助技能.. 点击这里


This all-expense paid, 为期23周的加速课程将为您提供进入高需求职业药房技术员所需的技能. 培训的目的是帮助学生准备药房技术员资格考试 点击这里

Phlebotomist Certification Training

静脉切开术技术员认证培训是在线学习和现场实验室的混合. Labs will also be available for students to improve their proficiency, allowing time for them to practice live sticks, 根据需要. 前ics covered in the Phlebotomy training include; Healthcare Setting and Quality Assurance; Infection Control; 安全; Medical Terminology; Anatomy Review; Circulatory System; Equipment and Procedures; Considerations and Capillary Punctures; Special Collections; Computers; Non-Blood Tests; Arterial Punctures; NHA Phlebotomy Exam Review.Upon successful completion of the training, students can sit for the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) exam.点击这里

Precision Machining Training Package

Are you ready to advance your skillset in the manufacturing industry? Here is your chance in a 灵活的, self-paced learning environment. Students can choose one or more of the following offerings: Computer Numeric, Control Mill G&M Code Basic, Manual Milling and Holemaking and 工具介绍. 培训将在我们经验丰富的教师的指导下进行在线和开放实验室环境. .点击这里


This all-expense paid, 10周的加速培训将为您提供60小时的培训,为美国焊接协会认证考试做准备,选择结构和管道, to include: Flux Core Arc 焊接 (FCAW) and Shielded Metal Arc 焊接 (SMAW). Students will learn many different types of welding practices, shop safety and metal fabrication skills. Students will learn the skills needed to find employment after completion.点击这里

*Eligibility Requirements

  • 缅因州的居民
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • At least 18+ before the start of the training


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We make applying simple because it should be.